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Geek Sheet


(Audio Interchange File Format) An audio format mainly used by Apple (Mac) designers.


(Advanced Streaming Format) An audio format used to stream a constant flow of sound to your computer.


(Active Server Pages) A suffix on web page names that signify that the page will enact a certain action before loading the page in the browser.


(Audio Video Interleaved) A format of video made for the web.


A “movie” made in Macromedia Flash.  This “movie” is in raw form and is usually quite large in size.


(Graphics Interchange Format) A graphic image such as buttons, banner ads, and logos.


(Joint Photographic Experts Group) A photo quality image.  These images are usually photos.


(Metal Oxide Varistor) A video format created by Apple (Mac) designers.


An audio format that is quite common on the internet.


(Motion Picture Enhancement Group) A video format commonly seen on the internet.


(Portable Network Graphics) A raw image (graphic) file.  Quite large in size but is usually edited to be a .GIF before published to the web.


A final copy of a Flash “Movie”.  This format is published to the web.


(Tagged Image File Format) A raw Graphic image.  A lot of scanners use this format.


An audio file commonly used on the web.


(Windows Media Audio) This is a Microsoft design audio/video format that is half the size of a MP3.

Band Width

The amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time. For digital devices, the bandwidth is usually expressed in bits per second (bps) or bytes per second. For analog devices, the bandwidth is expressed in cycles per second, or Hertz (Hz).


The name given to graphics on the web.  They include JPEG and GIF formats.

Book Mark

A specific area on a page (such as a paragraph title) that you want people to go to with just a click of the mouse.  This is used if the information is quite long and you do not want people to have to scroll through a long list.


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