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You can certainly use traditional media to promote your website directly, but it is generally more effective to consistently, patiently and inexpensively encourage your customers, vendors and employees to use the site. Not only is this approach cost effective, but it also allows you to capture feedback and add to your site to meet the users' needs over time, rather than trying to build the perfect site all at once.

Simply put, it is appropriate to incorporate your website and e-mail addresses into your marketing and advertising, but ineffective to invest heavily in advertising specifically to increase traffic to your site. Langer Enterprises has compiled a list of generally effective ways to promote your site that are either inexpensive or free.

Langer Enterprises will guide you through all of the aspects of properly marketing your new site to make your site a success! Check out our new E-mail Marketing services! Throw out your stamps and say hello to the new way to market your business!

Sell on-line!! See our e-commerce section for more information!!

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