Eight Marketing Acronyms You’ll Hear All the Time

  1. SEO — Search Engine Optimization
    SEO is the process of making your website more visible to users in their online searches and, ultimately, improving the quality and quantity of visitors to your site. It is, arguably, the backbone of modern online marketing efforts.
  2. LSEO – Local Search Engine Optimization
    Similar to SEO, “local search” is all about catching the attention of consumers who are looking for an immediate solution to their wants or needs. This is a method of driving local traffic directly to your door when they’re most likely to purchase.
  3. SERP — Search Engine Results Page
    A search engine results page is what someone sees when they put keywords into a query in Google or another search engine. The higher you rank in search, the more visible your brand becomes.
  4. PPC — Pay-Per-Click
    This is the kind of advertising where you create an advertisement and pay a fee each time that ad is clicked. Facebook ads are an example of this. Pay-per-click is often combined with more organic methods of driving traffic to your website.
  5. CTA — Call To Action
    At some point, you have to ask people to engage — whether that means contacting your company directly, purchasing a product, or leaving a comment. When you say, “Click this link,” that’s an appeal for immediate action.
  6. CTR – Click-Through-Rate
    When you create a post for a blog, send out an email, or create an ad, you need a way of determining whether or not it’s any good at attracting attention. Your click-through rate tells you how many people click the link you provide.
  7. BR — Bounce Rate
    You can get people’s attention easily, but you may not always keep it. A bounce rate is the number of people who click on your webpage or site and immediately leave again.
  8. CR — Conversion Rate
    How persuasive are your ads or posts? Your conversion rate is one of the most important performance indicators you have because it tells you how many people follow through on a suggested action.